An overview of CILIP and knowledge and information management

CILIP is committed to embracing K&IM (Knowledge and Information Management) fully within its work. It is part of our challenging Action Plan 2016-2020, recently agreed following a major consultation exercise with CILIP members and other stakeholders. Set out below is the wide range of CILIP activity of potential interest to the K&IM community including new initiatives, core activities and continuing work.

New K&IM activity

Knowledge and Information Management Special Interest Group (K&IM SIG)

The new Knowledge and Information Management Group started in January 2017. As with other special interest groups (SIGs) members will be able to choose it as one of their groups and, for 2017 and 2018, it will be offered as a third “free” group.
It will act as a voice and focal point for the IM community in CILIP and is developing an exciting programme of events and services.  

Knowledge as an Asset Project

Joint CILIP/KPMG initiative to encourage a new generation of senior executives and leaders to engage with the strategic value of the information assets in their organisations.

IM Alliance

Formed in 2015 the Information Management (IM) Alliance includes CILIP, the Archives and Records Association (ARA), the Information and Records Management Society (IRMS), The Special Libraries Association (SLA Europe) and the Society of IT Managers (Socitm). Although its prime purpose is advocating the importance of information management, and the need for skilled information managers, to organisations of all types, it is also exploring possible areas of joint provision such as training.

Employer engagement

CILIP’s engagement with the GKIM (Government Knowledge and Information Management) community continues to grow. CILIP has attended and presented at several GKIM events and key GKIM leaders have presented at CILIP events in return, therefore raising the profile of GKIM with the wider community and CILIP with the workforce. The Development Officer for Employers is also liaising with the Knowledge and Information Special Interest Group and presenting at the “Recruiting ad Developing Knowledge Information Professionals” to strengthen the link between CILIP and K&IM employers.

The programme of employer engagement events continues to give K&IM employers the opportunity to build strategic networks and discuss important professional issues. Access to selected Business Information Review articles is now a benefit of membership and this includes time limited to the valuable annual Business Information Review Survey.

A Million decisions

CILIP’s second campaign (after the My Library by Right campaign) focuses on advocating the value of library and knowledge services in the NHS (England) to senior managers. It is being delivered jointly with Health Education England and the HEE Library & Knowledge Services Leads Group.

CILIP's core work

Professional Knowledge and Skills Base (PKSB)

The PKSB is a big CILIP success that has achieved international recognition since it was published in 2013, It sets out the knowledge and skills utilised in our profession including a full coverage of knowledge and information management.

Accreditation of HE Information Management and Library Studies courses

The PKSB is used as a baseline in the accreditation of information management and library studies courses provided by HE Institutions. The number of K&IM focused courses being accredited is increasing.

Review of the CILIP Ethical Principles and Code of Professional Practice

This major review about the ethics and values of the profession will take place over 2017/18. It will be important to capture the views of the K&IM community in all discussions about possible changes to our ethical framework, so that the final document reflects the full diversity of the information profession.

CILIP Membership 2018: fit for the future

A new membership package has now been agreed that will benefit members from the K&IM community as much as other parts of the profession. With the Action Plan 2016-2020 it is indicative of a CILIP willing to embrace the change and challenge necessary to provide a better service to its members, existing and new, and deliver on its core goal and objectives.

Continuing K&IM work


The IM column continues and more K&IM content is regularly included in CILIP’s monthly journal.

CILIP conference

CILIP’s annual conference now regularly features K&IM content including keynote speakers, workshops and presentations. In 2016 the conference welcomed Sir Nigel Shadbolt, Chairman of the Open Data Institute as a keynote speaker and in 2017 Professor Luciano Floridi, Professor of Philosophy and Ethics of Information, University of Oxford is a keynote speaker.

Executive Briefings

The events programme has increasing K&IM content. CILIP has run an immensely successful annual copyright briefing for a number of years In 2017 CILIP will also be teaming up with a leading government agency to deliver two executive briefings on cyber security and the recruitment and retention of information managers.


The leading specialist publisher for information professionals in the UK covering a wide range of K&IM titles. The current catalogue features titles on data management, information governance, copyright and records management, and a whole section on “information organisation” including items on ontologies and metadata.

Member Networks

Many of our existing special interest groups cover areas of K&IM interest. They include the Commercial, Legal and Scientific Information Group, the Government Information Group, the Health Libraries Group and the UK eInformation Group.

Ready to listen

If there are K&IM topics you would like to see addressed in CILIP or other services we could provide of interest to the K&IM community, please let us know.

For further information contact: Guy Daines or Sonia Ramdhian