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Policy Inquiry into FE

Between July 2016 and March 2017, we undertook a policy inquiry into further education in the UK to answer the question:  

What is the role of library, information and knowledge professionals and the services they provide in helping FE leaders and teaching staff meet the challenges of the next 10 years?

The evidence gathering stage of the inquiry was based around an online survey of FE librarians, a roundtable session and questionnaire to college principals and senior management teams.

The main output of the inquiry is FE librarians deliver successful learning journeys, an advocacy framework which sets out the key drivers and objectives for the FE sector (engaged students, better progression, enriched teaching for example) and illustrates how FE library services and library staff contribute to achieving these positive outcomes.

The advocacy framework is supported by evidence which shows the impact of the work of FE librarians upon college stakeholders - students, teachers and the wider college community.

For more information on the findings of the inquiry there is also a Summary report and Full report

If you and your college would like to contribute to our evidence then please email us at policy@cilip.org.uk